About RCS

Russian scientific school that studies application of mathematical methods in chemistry has been existing for many years. The achievements of academicians Semenov and Zeldovich turned to be its basis. The main activity of scientists that belong to the school is mainly connected with the description of the kinetics of chemical processes.

Regular conferences "Mathematical methods in chemistry" were held in the Soviet Union. In spite of that, such activities were not connected with a term "Chemometrics" as a name of some special field of knowledge. Only in 90-s it was found out that everything we had been doing was called Chemometrics.

By that time, status of Chemometrics in Russia was unsatisfactory. It was not accepted as a scientific discipline by the Russian Academy of Science and the novel methods in Chemometrics were hardly accessible for Russian scientists. To change this situation a group of scientists from the Institute of Chemical Physics, Moscow State University, and some other research centres in Moscow (about 25 persons) met together in October 1997 and decided to establish the Russian Chemometrics Society (RCS) as a non-profit scientific association.

The main goals of RCS are:

  • to develop and popularize Chemometrics among Russian scientists
  • to support research in Chemometrics
  • to carry out scientific seminars and conferences
  • to organize educational courses on Chemometrics

Since 2002 RCS organizes Winter Symposium on Chemometrics (former Winter School on Chemometrics) — biannual international conference that brings together chemometricians from different countries.

RCS committee

  • Dmitry Kirsanov Chair Dmitry Kirsanov Professor SPbSU
  • Oxana Rodionova   Oxana Rodionova Leading researcher ICP RAS
  • Alexey Pomerantsev   Alexey Pomerantsev Principal researcher ICP RAS
  • Sergey Kucheryavskiy   Sergey Kucheryavskiy Associate professor Aalborg University